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Isaiah Rider was abducted by DCFS, at a children's hospital in Illinois when his mother, Michelle Rider, requested a transfer to the only other hospital that has helped Isaiah in the past.

The art of mothering boys requires us to balance the need to tame a boy’s adventurous impulses without wounding his spirit. The best way for mothers to do this, is to nurture our little boy’s imagination.

If we focus on what we wish we could give our children, it's too easy to overlook some of the best things life has to offer.

When you're raising the movers and shakers of tomorrow, they can be the most fun kids on the planet. In order to enjoy their energy, first they need you to bridle it.

Teens will, and often do, blame their parents for their tumultuous feelings and get angry when we don't fix their lives as they see fit. Good parenting means you have to make the hard decisions for your child-- and risk their rebellion and withdraw.

The Elf on the Shelf, however, is a Christmas tale with a dark side that could produce some unintended character flaws that could show up later as adults. Adults, no doubt, that will be living in a very different world.

In 1969, a 12-year-old boy walked home alone from school. Picking up the pace from his usual leisurely stroll, the boy broke into a run when...

Michelle didn't get the help she sought for her son. Instead she was led by two social workers and a doctor, she had never seen before, to another area of the hospital. Outnumbered three to one, with the power of the state behind them, and her son confined to ICU before her, they informed her they had taken custody of her only son.

The highest branches reached, and the little battles won with wooden swords and skinned knees today, all play a part in building the courage for facing life’s real battles tomorrow.

The abundance of illegitimate children the states are burdened with trying to provide for are not the “consequences of the downturn in our economy,” they are the consequences of the downturn in our morality. Let’s help those who need it. But let’s not normalize, legitimatize, and promote poverty.